The Trovit Link Story in 66 Links


The Trovit Story in 66 links…

Trovit is a search engine for classified ads that began back in 2006. Back then Trovit had three verticalsHomes, Cars and Jobs and just a handful of employees. Since then, however, Trovit has transformed somewhat and now has over 50 employees based out of its Barcelona office. From the Trovit offices you can see the Sagrada Família, Mont Juic and Tibidabo.

Trovit is now available in 27 countries around the world and is always growing. Following the success of the Homes, Cars and Jobs verticals, Trovit has also launched a fourth Products vertical where you can look for things like computer games, watches or furniture.

Trovit is not all about work however. A few times a year the Trovit team heads out from the comfort of the office to go skiing or beach-ing (depending largely on the time of the year). They’ve also enjoyed a good calçotada or two – the tradition of eating in-season calçots. Troviters also know the importance of celebrating Christmas (or its equivalent) by making sure there’s a lot of food and drink in front of them.

As well as feeding themselves well, the Trovit employees also try and make sure others get the same pleasures by donating food every Christmas to those who can’t afford it. Following the Christmas theme, it was discovered last year that a very important person had been using Trovit to change his life – always good to know!

Trovit is a very international company and has employees who come from far and wide. So that a little bit of Trovit can go with the employees when they go back to visit their family or simply go on holiday, the Trovit stress ball always gets packed – which, not surprisingly, is also quite useful to alleviate stress. The Trovit stress ball has travelled to all corners of the globe including Paris, San Fransisco, Dohah, Oxford, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Cairo, Venice and many, many more. As well as its travels to some of the most exciting cities in the world the Trovit stress ball has also found its way into a gift shop, the snow, a football game and 20 feet under water.

So, how has Trovit achieved all of this? Well, it’s simple; a good team, hard work and play, a great office making it a great place to work and finally, good food… and drink!

To be continued.