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The Trovit Team: Mikołaj, our Troviter for the month of September!

by Alice Zawadzki September 30, 2014. Leave a comment

la foto- miko.jpg

At first glance Mikołaj [mʲiˈkɔwaj] seems to be a quiet fellow, but chatting with him a  bit longer  you will quickly realize that this is not the case. Today we present you probably one of the funniest and most interesting characters in Trovit… Continue reading

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The Trovit Team: Sarah, out Troviter for the month of August!

by Alice Zawadzki August 28, 2014. Leave a comment

Tall and blond – she surely is not your typical Spanish girl. Well no, today we bring you our dearest Sarah from Sweden! Surely you will be surprised to read about what this extraordinary character has to tell us about her crazy life. Continue reading

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The Trovit Team: Eric Pinto, Our Troviter for the Month of July!

by Alice Zawadzki July 29, 2014. Leave a comment

Always smiling, helpful and cheerful – this is our Eric Pinto! This multifaceted Troviter has dedicated a few minutes of his time so that we can get to know him a little better. If you wish to learn a bit more about him then… Continue reading

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Introducing Trovit’s Troodle!

by Alice Zawadzki July 11, 2014. Leave a comment

troddle ARGER world cup 2014

If you are regular reader of Trovit’s blog, you may have noticed that one of our favorite practices is finding new ways to surprise you, our dear users.
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World Environment Day – the 9 Greenest Jobs

by Alice Zawadzki June 4, 2014. Leave a comment

Flickr (cc) | mattwalker69

Hello friends of Nature! As you may have seen on the news today, we are worldwide celebrating the Environment Day! We from Trovit would also want to raise awareness and take action for it. We believe it is extremely important to raise awareness on the matter and to make people more conscious about our nature. So, here’s our little contribution to such an important and meaningful event.

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How to Enhance Your Chances of Finding Jobs Online

by Sophia López-Bassols May 7, 2014. Leave a comment


It’s a commonly held belief that UK is a land of opportunities and that if you can’t find a job in London, it’s because you are not trying hard enough. Whether that’s true or not is for you to tell. More and more people are keen on finding jobs online in the UK. But even as this number increases, the proportion that gets disappointed with their online job search experience also increases.  Continue reading

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Take a break: It’s labour day!

by Sophia López-Bassols May 1, 2014. Leave a comment

Flickr (cc) | Debra Lynn Leavitt

As you may know, today is Labour Day, so we took the chance to write an article on this occasion to focus on some important topics which concern us all. 1st of May is internationally known as Labour Day and is celebrated in more than 80 countries worldwide. But what is it that happened on this exact day that made it an official bank holiday in so many countries?  Continue reading

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April’s employee feature at Trovit: Phillipe Eloi

by Sophia López-Bassols April 30, 2014. Leave a comment


Cheerful, cool, with his big smile and his peculiar foreign accent, this month’s Troviter is one of our funniest employees of our office’ 1st floor. We managed to sit him down and took some time to get to know him a little better. You can not imagine what this intriguing character hides behind his “chill-mode” facade! Let’s find a bit more about him on our April’s Trovit employee feature… Continue reading

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Higher Education 2014 (Part 1): Cutting the Cost in Europe

by Hannah Murphy April 15, 2014. Leave a comment

Since the implementation of university fees in the United Kingdom in 1998, the initial costs of up to £1,000 have risen to maximum of £9,000 annually as per 2012. Trovit brings you the first installment of  gaining a higher education focusing cutting the costs of study in Europe at a fraction of the cost, or even for free!  Continue reading

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How to kick-start your career in London

by Sophia López-Bassols March 17, 2014. Leave a comment


“Been there, done that!” This article is based on graduates’ personal experience who after finishing their studies in London started looking for a job in their field of interest. Expats and students spend a lengthy period exploring and mapping all the different alternatives that one should be considering. That’s when they came up with an idea: a one-stop shop for links and tips every new Londoner, recent graduate or expat needs to know whilst trying to build a life in London.  Continue reading

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