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Higher Education 2014 (Part 1): Cutting the Cost in Europe

by Hannah Murphy April 15, 2014. Leave a comment

Since the implementation of university fees in the United Kingdom in 1998, the initial costs of up to £1,000 have risen to maximum of £9,000 annually as per 2012. Trovit brings you the first installment of  gaining a higher education focusing cutting the costs of study in Europe at a fraction of the cost, or even for free!  Continue reading

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How to kick-start your career in London

by Sophia López-Bassols March 17, 2014. Leave a comment


“Been there, done that!” This article is based on graduates’ personal experience who after finishing their studies in London started looking for a job in their field of interest. Expats and students spend a lengthy period exploring and mapping all the different alternatives that one should be considering. That’s when they came up with an idea: a one-stop shop for links and tips every new Londoner, recent graduate or expat needs to know whilst trying to build a life in London.  Continue reading

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The Mobile World Congress is back!

by Sophia López-Bassols February 25, 2014. Leave a comment


We live in a ” SoLoMo ” reality: Social, Local and Mobile. This term emerged and gained its popularity due to the increasing use of smartphones which already come integrated with the latest geolocation technology. There is no doubt that nowadays we can have it all in the palm of our hands. Thus said, we are witnessing an era of transformation.  Continue reading

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Tips to keep warm at home – Trovit Homes

by Sophia López-Bassols February 6, 2014. Leave a comment


The second month of the year is usually the coldest. February, despite being so close to the spring usually brings the lowest temperatures. In addition to the steps you take before going out and about, it’s important to feel warm and comfortable at home while waiting for the weather to warm up. Take a look at a few tips that will keep you warm while the frost melts and the first signs of spring start to show:  Continue reading

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Data Protection Day 2014

by Sophia López-Bassols January 28, 2014. 2 Comments

(cc) marsmet549 | Flickr

Technological advances have made our data more accessible but also tougher to protect. Did you know that “Privacy Day” is celebrated today? Since its very first edition back in 2006, a number of awareness-raising activities are organized on this occasion. Every year, this date is a clear reminder in the age of big data. Not only do we create a big amount of data but it is also processed, stored and shared at an ever-growing rate. The main challenge we are currently facing is on how to share data while protecting any personal identifiable information.  Continue reading

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The Trovit app for FirefoxOS is here!

by Sophia López-Bassols January 24, 2014. Leave a comment

The Trovit app for FirefoxOS was launched a week ago. If your device uses this operating system, our app will allow you to use our search engine whenever you want, wherever you are. Whether you are searching for a job, a car or a new home, this application is specially tailored to your smartphone. You can even search for holiday rentals and products!

Moreover, we are proud to announce that our app is featured in the Firefox Marketplace!  Continue reading

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Challenging Cover Letters

by Sophia López-Bassols January 7, 2014. Leave a comment

Writing | Rubin Starset

A CV is an important part of any job application, and while it might be advisable to alter from time to time depending on the job, it’s your cover letter that should be truly flexible. If you use a hard and fast template, I’d suggest you get rid of it straight away. A bare bones template you can easily alter can be useful, but in essence you should be creating something new for each and every application.  Continue reading

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Why Spain is Still Attractive to Job Seekers?

by Sophia López-Bassols December 10, 2013. Leave a comment

Spain has the highest rate of unemployment in the E.U., but is the situation really that bad? Thousands of English speakers are still setting off for Spain every week and finding work. Despite record unemployment figures, Spain is still a top destination for university graduates seeking employment. Due to the low level of English proficiency and government subsidies, the English teaching industry continues to thrive and attract native English speakers for work.  Continue reading

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Set a new score on our Snake game!

by Marta Bosch December 2, 2013. Leave a comment

At Trovit, we’re always up for a bit of fun! If you’ve seen the Trovit office, you already know that we value innovation and creativity! Our walls are full of posters with sayings like “Choose a job you like and you never have to work a day in your life“. And they’re not only on our walls, we live them every day!

That’s why we are extremely honored to present a new Trovit game today. With some help from a friend, we’ve revived the classic game Snake and given it a bit of a Trovit twist. Give our Trovit Snake game a try and set a new score!

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Our very first Hackathon!

by Sophia López-Bassols November 21, 2013. Leave a comment


Passion and commitment… these two concepts were on everybody’s mind at Trovit’s Headquarters. Throughout Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of November, the very first edition of our “Trovit Hackathon” was held. From early morning until late evening, for 48 intense hours, this event was geared to developing software and creative projects.  Continue reading

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